DIY Conveyancing

Moving house or buying land is a very expensive process and therefore it’s little wonder that many individuals will consider making savings by undertaking DIY conveyancing. Although this may seem like a good idea, at the time, there are several potential pitfalls and considerations that need to be taken into account, before embarking on this course of action.

What is DIY Conveyancing?

DIY conveyancing is precisely what the title suggests; it’s about undertaking the conveyancing process, without the assistance of a licensed conveyancer or property solicitor.

Downside of DIY Conveyancing

Going down the DIY conveyancing route means that the individual is responsible for undertaking their own conveyancing searches and for filling out the all relevant forms and generally managing the entire conveyancing process. Whilst this may seem like an excellent way to save money and retain control over the process, the individual will not have the benefit of professional indemnity insurance, in the same way that a professional conveyancer would, and this factor alone can result in many people feeling uncomfortable about the prospect of undertaking DIY conveyancing.

DIY Coveyanicng – Is it Worth the Hassle?

Before going down of the route of considering DIY conveyancing, it is worth identifying just how much money will be saved by completing the conveyancing yourself. By using an online comparison site such as the one here, it is possible to identify the various different options that are available, when it comes to conveyancing. Also, do bear in mind that some licensed conveyancers will offer a cheaper service, particularly where the transaction is very simple.

By completing a suitable price comparison for the costs associated with conveyancing, the whole process can be kept to a minimum, thus ensuring that only the services required are obtained; this can be a really good alternative to DIY conveyancing, as it offers peace of mind and the security of knowing that matters are being dealt with by professionals with the relevant insurances, while also keeping costs low.

In the event that you do decide to take the DIY conveyancing option, it is still worth noting that property professionals can be drawn upon, at any point during a transaction. So, by having consulted the comparison site, first, suitable professionals can be identified, as and when, to offer assistance on a particular issue, or to deal with the transaction, if it becomes more complex than originally thought. Being aware of the services available through the use of a comparison site is the first step towards making an informed decision on how to progress with your property transaction.

DIY conveyancing can work well, and has done so for many people, in the past. However, before making the decision, you will need to gather all of the necessary information, in the first place; you will also have to consider issues such as insurance and legal expertise, for which there is no substitute, particularly during complex transactions. Compare your options and consider the merits of DIY conveyancing, before embarking on what may prove to be a very costly mistake.

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