Requirements for Property Solicitors

Any property solicitor is required to meet with the basic requirements laid out by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. Therefore, whenever you obtain a quotation from a property solicitor, you should still obtain the basic level of service and transparency in fees. Although this may give you some comfort that basic standards are being met by all property solicitors, the reality is that there will be substantial differences in the types and levels of services that are provided.

When using an inclusive comparison system such as the one at you can be guaranteed a high level of transparency in fees as well as a qualified professional who understands the services you require.

The basic rule is that property solicitors must always act in the best interests of their clients. For this reason, property solicitors will not act for both buyer and seller, unless they obtain specific permission to do so.

Paralegals & Property Transactions

One area, however, which often goes unnoticed, when dealing with property solicitors, is that it is perfectly acceptable for a property solicitor or, for that matter a firm of conveyancing solicitors, to employ a large number of unqualified individuals or paralegals to work on property transactions, provided the latter are adequately supervised. This could mean that most of the property transaction is actually undertaken by a paralegal, with the property solicitors themselves only becoming involved, where necessary, and in limited situations.

Indeed, it is often cheaper for property solicitors to undertake this type of business model and, provided the transaction is relatively straightforward, this presents no difficulty. All our panel of solicitors are suitably qualified and by creating the appropriate mix of conveyancers, we are able to ensure that you locate the best professional for your needs.

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Complaints or Concerns with Property Solicitors

Regardless of whether or not the property system utilises paralegals to undertake a large amount of work, there are still rules which need to be complied with and information relating to cost and time delays, as well as a full account of how the financial breakdown has been calculated, should always be provided.

Whenever there are any concerns that communication is not readily available, the client is able to request that they speak to the property solicitor in question who will be a qualified solicitor capable of supervising paralegals. As all of our panel of professionals are appropriately registered, you have the safeguard of a formal complaints procedure in the unlikely event that you need to take matters further.

Complaints Procedures

All property solicitors and law firms will have a complaints process in place and this can be followed, regardless of whom your main point of contact is. In extreme circumstances, this matter can then be taken to the SRA which will investigate any concerns that have been raised, for example, if there are concerns that the paralegal has not been suitably supervised by the conveyancing solicitors of the firm that may have lead to a error in the property transaction itself.

Property Solicitors & Estate Agents

Finally, one question that is often raised about property solicitors is whether or not the estate agent is able to have a relationship with a particular firm to offer a cheaper alternative to its clients; this is completely allowed in accordance with the solicitors’ regulatory rules. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the client must still be in a completely free position to choose any other property solicitor that they wish to use and should not be unnecessarily pressured into using a property solicitor which has an affiliation with the estate agent.

No detrimental treatment should then be afforded to clients who refuse to use the preferred property solicitor. By looking at a comparison site you can gain independent recommendations that best suit YOUR needs and not those of your estate agent.

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