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Our aim is to find and recommend the best cheap conveyancing solicitors for any transaction type whether it be a property sale, property purchase, property remortgage or just a transfer of equity. We are committed to offering panel members who offer the highest possible standards of service who are all regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority(SRA).

There are many advantages to using BestConveyancingquotes.com that are obvious, however there are also several distinct benefits of which you may not be aware. Here is a breakdown of the main reasons to use

  1. We are a totally free service to you our customer giving you multiple conveyancing quotes in seconds. We take the leg work out of obtaining conveyancing quotes from all sources making the process almost seamless.
  2. Your conveyancing quotes do not have referral fees(to website operatives) in excess of £100 included in them so you get cheap conveyancing quotes, without the middle man taking large fees for themselves.
  3. We ensure that the conveyancing quotes we provide are detailed and there are no hidden extras to surprise you. We provide clear pricing including fees and charges by all our conveyancing solicitors dependent on your requirements needs. Unforeseen circumstances cannot be accounted for but 'run of the mill' conveyancing cases for conveyancing will be provided with a fixed fee quote. This will be a 'true low cost'
  4. We are here to help you achieve a great service with no hidden extras. We take pride on our panel members and if they are providing you a poor service or hidden costs, we can help you. Going direct to the conveyancing solicitors, means you have no one to aid you in complications or issues where you feel the original costing have been inaccurate. We are here to help you the client! This is why we all solicitors on our panel are rated so good quality work will be rewarded by good reviews by clients.
  5. We are much cheaper than going direct. Thinking that going direct to the solicitors and cutting out the middle man will be cheaper, right? This is incorrect, as our panel of solicitors have signed agreement with us to ensure our client get the better rates through our website rather than going direct.
  6. We ensure of panel of solicitors are fully compliant, reliable and fully regulated. We only work with respected legal firms giving quality service at very competitive prices
  7. We are totally independent and do not favour any of our panel members and you are free to appoint any you wish.

BestConveyancingquotes.com founders have had years of experience getting cheaper conveyancing quotes for you the general public. We ensure you get the best price possible for your requirements without any hidden extras. We are not brokers and therefore do not sell conveyancing services ourselves. We use the details provided in our forms, subject to the terms and conditions listed, to get you the very best conveyancing quotes available through our panel of conveyancing solicitors. We display the results of our conveyancing solicitors quotes and also send you an email link so you can view them at any time you like. You are not obliged to instruct any of our panel members but we recommend you use them as we have ensured that they are reputable firms that will provide you an excellent service at a competitive rate.

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