What are conveyancing searches and are they needed?

When looking at the cost and time frames for a typical conveyancing transaction, a supplementary issue which will almost always arise is that of the conveyancing searches.

Conveyancing searches can span a wide range of different requirements but, broadly speaking, involve looking at a set of enquiries that can be made of various different authorities, in order to gain a more accurate picture of the property. In some cases, the conveyancing searches provide crucial information which is absolutely essential to the transaction, whereas in other cases, the conveyancing searches will simply add further information.

Typical Conveyancing Searches

Although there are costs associated with undertaking conveyancing searches which are a necessary part of the conveyancing process, it is helpful to understand why the costs have been incurred and also to make a decision in relation to any non-essential conveyancing searches.

Authorities such as the Environment Agency, local council and local water authorities are among the essential reference searches which will reveal information such as who is responsible for maintaining the road leading up to the property, whether there are any likely coalmines under the property and any environmental issues such as flooding, etc.

As far as the conveyancing searches are concerned, it may well be the case that either the mortgage company or the insurance company will insist on these searches being undertaken, before they are prepared to become involved in the transaction. Making these searches is not only useful, but also an essential part of ensuring that all aspects of the transaction are covered.

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The specific requirements laid out by the Council of Mortgage Lenders states that the appropriate search in any given transaction would be any searches that a reasonably prudent solicitor would undertake, offering a degree of flexibility when it comes to selecting searches.

Where an individual is purchasing a property for cash without the use of a mortgage lender they could potentially forego searches. However, this is not something that is desirable, particularly when attempting to gain insurance for the property, which is unlikely to be forthcoming when the conveyancing searches have not been undertaken.

By using a conveyancing comparison site like bestconveyancingquotes.com a professional can be located to carry out the conveyancing searches that are necessary, on your behalf, based on your property. Your chosen expert will ensure that the quotations associated with the searches are known from the outset.

Although the conveyancing process can be expensive, conveyancing searches should not be overlooked. By using a recognised professional, advice can be obtained in terms of which searches are required. However, it should be noted that searches only deal with the legal aspect of the property transfer and a survey is required, in order to gain information on the status of the property itself. Also beware of chancel repair liability charges when buying a property as this can be very expensive outgoing if you have not taken suitable cover to protect you against this eventuality.

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