Conveyacing Solicitors

With hundreds of conveyancing solicitors now offering their services and many looking extremely similar, choosing the best conenyancing solicitors for your specific requirements is not always an easy task. So where do you start? This article provides you with some insider tips and information that will help you make the best choice for your conveyancing needs.

What are Conveyancing Solicitors?

Not all individuals who undertake conveyancing work are solicitors. At one time, and in accordance with the Solicitors Act 1974, only solicitors were allowed to undertake conveyancing. However, as home ownership became more popular, it became necessary to open up the process to a broader range of professionals and the government needed to change the rules. Whilst this makes it cheaper and easier to find a conveyancer, it can also make it harder to understand the precise level of qualification and expertise that the professional in question has when looking to instruct through online conveyancing. With our services, at, you can be guaranteed the professional services of conveyancing solicitors on our panel, without the need to check out qualifications. We do that for you!

What are Licensed Conveyancers?

Not all conveyancing professionals are qualified solicitors. Sometimes, a licensed conveyancer may offer a more efficient and cost effective option, so don’t rule out a licensed conveyancers who are not a property solicitors! However, there are two levels of licensed conveyancers and understanding the difference is important when working out whether the trade-off between cost and qualification is worth your while.

A part licensed conveyancer is an individual who is only able to work as part of a law firm, or with a fully licensed conveyancer; they have limited powers, but are able to undertake much of the background work, thus saving customers time and money, during the conveyancing process. By using a range of different professionals to provide a comprehensive service, the fine balance between cost and expertise can be achieved, as is the case with

A fully licensed conveyancer has the same powers as a solicitor, but is unable to work in any other area of law, unlike a solicitor. From the client’s point of view, a fully licensed conveyancer is, therefore, able to do everything a solicitor would be able to do, and possibly in a more efficient manner, as this is their sole area of expertise. With a conveyancing solicitor, it may also be the case that they are able to offer services, such as wills and probate, something which a licensed conveyancer would not be able to do.Of course, this is not a problem, if what you want is a cheap, efficient and transparent service for conveyancing your property!

Regulating the Industry

Both conveyancing solicitors and licensed conveyancers are bound to behave in accordance with the Legal Services Act 2007. However, conveyancing solicitors are registered and answerable to the Law Society which is now known as the Solicitor Regulation Authority(SRA), whereas licensed conveyancers are bound by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. All licensed conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors are required to conform to strict, ethical and professional codes of conduct, and may be struck from the list for failures to abide by these rules.

At, we are fully up to speed with all regulations and regularly make sure that our panel of conveyancing solicitors are fully trained so that they can offer you the best service at the cheapest price.

Licensed Conveyancers or Conveyancing Solicitors - Which are Better?

Although some people may be concerned that licensed conveyancers may not have the same knowledge as conveyancing solicitors, this is rarely a well founded concern. In fact, a solicitor who has no knowledge or experience in conveyancing would still be able to conveyance a property, whereas a licensed conveyancer is guaranteed to have the basic knowledge. Conveyancing solicitors do however, have the potential to cover a broader range of areas; so, where you are looking for additional services such as wills and probate, so a conveyancing solicitor may be a better bet. By using our panel of cheap conveyancing solicitors and conveyancing specialist every consumer can make sure they get the best possible option to meet with even the most specific of requirements.

Licensed conveyancers can be used as an alternative to conveyancing solicitors for residential conveyancing, but cannot be used when purchasing commercial premises. When purchasing commercial premises, you need the assistance of commercial conveyancing solicitors as the law for commercial and residential conveyancing differ considerably.

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