What is Online Conveyacing?

Traditionally, individuals looking to purchase or sell a property would automatically go to their local high street solicitor chosen from a list of local solicitors recommended by their estate agent, in order to undertake their property transaction. For many, this remains the best option; but, more recently, online conveyancing has changed the entire way in which conveyancing can take place.

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Online conveyancing involves almost exactly the same procedures as conveyancing carried out by a high street solicitor, with the same searches taking place and the same documentation ultimately being drafted; but, instead, all these procedures are done online. However, there is no need for face-to-face contact, with money passing, electronically, and documents passing by e-mail or by hardcopy, in the post, where necessary. The only difference is that online conveyancing firms do not require central city demographic locations to attract customers therefore keeping overheads attributed to location at a minimum. This therefore means conveyancing fees charges by the solicitors can be lowered, but all disbursements associated with a conveyancing transaction should be the same regardless of which professional you use for your transaction.

Why Use Online Conveyancing?

Online conveyancing often offers a cheaper and more flexible alternative to using a high street solicitor. Many of the online conveyancing companies actually undertake large volumes of transactions and therefore are typically efficient in dealing with specific types of property sales and purchases. Essentially, there is nothing that an online conveyancing company cannot do that any standard high street solicitor could do, with the exception of meeting you face-to-face.

Rules & Regulations for Online Conveyancing

Online conveyancing companies are under exactly the same rules as those associated with the list of regulatory authority solicitors. For example, issues such as client care, conflict-of-interest and transparency of fees all apply to the online conveyancing organisation.

By opening your options up to include online conveyancing, it may also be the case that specialist companies can be considered, something which is particularly useful, when it comes to different types of properties such as those that are listed. With these specialist properties, it can be very helpful to use the conveyancing company that has a vast amount of experience in this area. Indeed, going online, removes geographical restrictions, potentially opening an individual up to a much broader range of expertise.

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Online conveyancing will not always offer a cheap conveyancing option, but on the whole the client can be confident that all conveyancing companies will operate within the same rules and regulations as a standard high street property solicitor. This also allows you to draw from a wider pool of professionals to make sure that you get the best possible deal for your particular situation.

Pitfalls with Online Conveyancing

Although it is essential that every online conveyancing organisation is backed up by a law firm which meets with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority requirements, transparency is not always as evident. Therefore, every effort should be made to ascertain whether or not the underlying law firm also offers a solid service. Also, for many potential clients, the inability to speak face-to-face with an individual can be very daunting and, where there are difficulties in the transaction, these can be harder to sort out, as conveyancing online relies entirely on electronic communication or phone-based conversations.

But, the bottom line is that conveyancing online offers real opportunities and, theoretically, the same level of protection as any other conveyancing organisation, although methods of communication and practical issues may stand in the way of online conveyancing being the best possible option for every customer.

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