Conveyancing Solicitor

For the majority of people looking to become involved either in the sale or purchase of a property, the option of undertaking their own conveyancing can be a little daunting, so most individuals will turn to a professional conveyancing solicitor, in order to ensure that the transaction is completed, correctly.

Choosing a Conveyancing Solicitor

Choosing the right conveyancing solicitor is not always an easy task. Making the decision as to which property professional is the most appropriate for your individual needs requires careful consideration, as your choice can impact significantly on the costs incurred.

Conveyancing Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer?

A key decision when it comes to the conveyancing process is whether or not to use a conveyancing solicitor or other form of licensed conveyancer. Some property professionals that provide conveyancing services will have reached a specific level of expertise, with licensed conveyancers undertaking exams to prove their competence and conveyancing solicitors being registered with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and being qualified solicitors, again, having achieved a certain standard under examination.

It may be the case that there are differences between licensed conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors; however, in many cases the actual and quality of the end results will be no different. Therefore, whilst, greater security may be felt by opting for a conveyancing solicitor, this may not be necessary and might involve additional costs.

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Benefits of Using a Comparison Site for Conveyancing Service Providers

By using a comparison site, the types of conveyancing solicitor and licensed conveyancers available will be better understood. The site will set out the costs associated with both options and will also indicate the areas of expertise that their selected professionals offer. The licensed conveyancer may, in fact, be undertaking generally more transactions than a conveyancing solicitor and where the transaction in question is relatively simple as well as when time is of the essence, licensed conveyancers may actually produce better results. A comparison site will allow issues such as timeframes, cost and specific expertise to be analysed, in an independent way, to assist with covering the factors that are deemed to be most relevant.

Conveyancing Solicitor for Complex Transactions

A conveyancing solicitor will often be required in order to deal with complex legal situations, for example, where there is a leasehold purchase being undertaken. Specialist knowledge is ascertained as part of a comparison process and this will then allow the user to make sure that where they have specific needs, these are dealt with, appropriately, by the correct professional, whether this is a licensed conveyancer or a conveyancing solicitor.

The distinction between a licensed conveyancer and a conveyancing solicitor may also be relevant, in the event of needing to rely on their insurance, should a complaint become necessary. Both professionals are regulated, but this is done by different bodies and may have an impact on the appropriate process, in the event of a compliant, or if recourse to professional insurance become necessary.

Investigate your options and, remember, it really is a case of “horses for courses” when it comes to selecting your conveyancing solicitor.

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