Conveyancing Costs

As with all legal processes, the costs associated with conveyancing can be both confusing and worrying, particularly where they escalate without expectation. Engaging a professional to manage the conveyancing process, whether you’re looking to purchase or sell, is incredibly important and viewed as a necessity by the vast majority of the public; however, keeping control of the conveyancing costs is also an important aspect of the planning of the conveyancing process.

Conveyancing Costs – The Lowdown

Conveyancing costs are broadly split between the fees charged by the professional and are often associated with the transaction, such as searching the local authority database, and registering the property, once the transfer has been undertaken. When quoting conveyancing costs, most professionals will give an overall quotation encompassing both of these elements; others will not, so undertaking a comparison can, therefore, be very tricky.

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When to Use Fixed Fee Conveyancing

In recent years, the trend among leading professionals is to offer a fixed fee  for conveyancing costs, but this does not necessarily account for every type of property transaction and will often not include disbursements, which can fluctuate. The fixed fee quoted will generally only refer to the conveyancing fee being charged by the professionals, and therefore using a comparison site to obtain the overall picture is a crucially important aspect of being fully aware of what is going to be charged.

The comparison site will give you, not only the fixed fee being charged by the professional, but will also offer guidelines on the likely costs that are going to be incurred, as well as looking at specific property situations which many incur a higher cost, such as the challenges associated with leasehold premises. All professionals on the comparison site are registered and this offers a degree of certainty surrounding the conveyancing costs. However, as is the case with any profession, there are some unscrupulous individuals who will increase the costs, once the process is in place. By using a comparison website, such as, the full range of information can be provided, and you are in the best possible place to decide on how the transaction can be managed.

Reducing Conveyancing Costs

In many cases, the property transaction may be sufficiently straight forward that there is no need to pay an expensive property solicitor to undertake the transaction. With more complex transactions that are legally difficult, the additional costs are likely to be money well spent. However, when looking to reduce conveyancing costs, the real trick is to find the most appropriate professional for the transaction being undertaken just as you would do when employing removal companies to transport your household goods. Just as you would not undertake to move your household possessions yourself to your new home, similarly you may be best to employ a cheap property solicitor to ensure that the property transaction is completed without any errors. By looking at our comparison site, not only will the costs be laid out clearly, but also any specific knowledge areas will be dealt with, to ensure that the appropriate professional is being engaged.

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