Conveyancing Advice

Regardless of the property services being used and the type of property professional being employed to undertake a transaction, it is always going to be necessary to obtain at least basic conveyancing advice. For those who are considering undertaking DIY conveyancing, conveyancing advice is particularly useful. However, it will always be an essential part of any transaction to actually make the decision as to how and when conveyancing advice should be obtained.

Referrals Fees for Conveyancing Advice

When a property sale is agreed through an estate agent, it will almost always have a referral scheme in place that will enable the client to use its recommended property professional. Whilst this may provide you with the necessary conveyancing advice to suit your situation, it is important to bear in mind that the estate agent is receiving a referral fee and therefore may not always have your best interests at heart.

Comparison Website Conveyancing Advice

By using a website that allows you to compare conveyancing quotes, the relative merits of the various different property advisors can be understood and this may well point you back to the original conveyancing advice, or it may suggest a more efficient alternative. As a customer of legal advice, you have total freedom and are able to select the professional whom you want in order to provide you with conveyancing advice.

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Any attempt to restrict this choice is against the code of conduct and should therefore not be complied with, if you do not feel that this meets with your requirements and does not provide suitable conveyancing advice. The comparison website offers an independent solution and, in many cases, the organisation to which you are being referred may, in fact, be the most sensible option. By comparing your options, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have obtained the best possible property professional to meet your conveyancing advice needs

Extent of Conveyancing Advice

Finally, when comparing the property professionals available, it’s also worth bearing in mind that there is a broad range of conveyancing advice solutions available. But, ultimately, managing the transaction to offer you the complete guide on how to protect your property is the fundamental role of the property professionals, however some will deal with a broader range of issues and may even offer supplementary advice, such as information on wills and probate.

Before obtaining conveyancing advice, it is sensible to identify precisely what type of advice you actually need and to think beyond pure conveyancing advice, as it may be the case that now is the time to consider issues such as inheritance or wills. By having a clear idea of the precise nature of the conveyancing advice you need, you are much more likely to be able to use the comparison site to your advantage and to gain a cost-effective and professional service.

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