Three Things To Look For When Looking For Conveyancing Solicitor

May 24, 2012

When you decide to buy a property, you will find out that there is a definite need for an experienced conveyancing solicitor to speed up and smooth out your purchase process. Finding such a solicitor is not a problem at all. However, finding a good conveyancing lawyer who is really experienced in this field is something to really look out for.

The three major things that will determine that you get the best conveyancing services are guarantee, fixed prices and experience.

When looking for a conveyancing solicitor, it is very important to look for a no completion , no fee guarantee. This is to make sure the conveyancing solicitor does his best to quickly facilitate a transaction. If the sale fails to get through, the lawyer will not be paid. Poor conveyancing services are often the reason why sales fail through and so, to make sure you get the best service, this guarantee is very reassuring.

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Fixed prices are also very important to look for when looking for conveyancing solicitors. You will often find conveyancing quotes on many websites that seem to be very low. However, what you don’t know is that these are just the fees for the basic lawyer services that you get. There are many hidden costs in that. The bill that you will be presented later will be a lot higher than the basic quote you first agreed on. Hence, it is very important to get a fixed price quote. Although the fixed price quote will be a a lot more expensive than an hourly rate or a basic rate which mentions that other costs and taxes are exclusive, but it is still a lot cheaper overall since these conveyancing firms seem to be an expert at creating huge invoices later. Also, if you get a fixed price quote instead of an hourly quote, the conveyancing solicitor will try to speed up everything since dragging the time could only mean charging himself.

Experience is something that is very important if you want everything to go smoothly in your property purchase transaction. Don’t fall for low and cut rates and instead ask about the experience and expertise of the conveyancing firm you are hiring. A low quality service from someone who doesn’t know anything about conveyancing can present many problems for you later. Look for past experience of the particular conveyancing firm you are interested in and then make the decision.

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