Conveyancing solicitors- how to choose the best for yourself

June 11, 2010

When you decide to buy a property that has been leased or any other property that is independent, it becomes very important to choose the suitable conveyancing solicitor. But the question is, how do you actually decide who’s the right one for you? Cited below are some factors that can help you judge and pick the best conveyancing solicitor.

  • One of the very first things that should be kept in mind is whether the concerned person is a specialist in conveyancing? Many a times, people are lured to some small firms which are operated by solicitors, majority of them being sole practitioners who work alone; because they claim that they can handle everything, starting from debt to divorce and from conveyancing to commercial work. Think of it this way – if there is only one solicitor and he or she handles this large variety of work, would it be possible for him or her to have the required expertise on conveyancing?
  • Go through the given company website. There are many things in a website that can actually help you judge the solicitor professionally. Has the website been updated? Does it contain the answer to common questions and provide a lot of research information? Does the website use only English as the interface language and avoids the use of legalese? Does the website establish the firm as technologically update? Is the website user friendly and modern, or just looks stuffy like the old times?
  • Does the solicitor really understand the demand of the local market?
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  • Is the conveyancing solicitor offering anything else other than the other solicitors, like some extra beneficial offers or excellent returns for the money that you are going to invest? Always remember, the cheapest might not always be the best. Also, remember to look for any other hidden charges. If the solicitor that you have chosen is a reputable one, he or she will quote all the disbursements in your converyancing quote, right from the land registry fees to the searches, etc. However, there are some licensed conveyances and solicitors who initially quote a small price and then go on adding extra charges later.
  • Next, check if the conveyancing solicitors will keep informing you or provide updates in regard to your transaction in the way you want? There are many who prefer to receive this information by mail, while there are others who prefer to read this either in text or in an e-mail. Nevertheless, majority of the solicitors still prefer on mail correspondence. This can create a considerable slowdown in the communication channel and can lead to delay in making decisions, thus making your transaction suffer.
  • Review the quality of the staff that the firm has. Are they easily approachable and are available for in person meetings if so required? can be your best solution to all conveyancing queries.

For many people, buying a home is the most expensive decision that make in their lifetime. It becomes all the more important to choose the best solicitor who can take care of the hard earned money and turn the transaction into a successful investment.

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