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The business of conveyancing has become increasingly competitive, in recent years and, with a smaller number of individuals moving house, conveyancing work is becoming keener and keener. Of course, this does not mean that you can simply rest on your laurels and feel confident that you have the best property professional service at the cheapest price.

Conveyancing Quote Tailored to Your Requirements

Understanding the conveyancing quote that you have received will ensure that you obtain the best possible service for your budget and that you are not paying more than you need to. Property transactions vary greatly, in terms of complexity and, at certain times, it may be essential to pay more for additional services. Cheapest is not always best!

Understanding a Conveyancing Quote

So many conveyancing professionals now offer a fixed fee conveyancing quote which suggests that the customer will have a definite idea of how much the conveyancing process is going to cost them. Most conveyancing quotes will not, however, take into account disbursements and payments that need to be made out, in order to undertake the process. These payments will vary, depending on the nature of the property and the location of the property, but will generally include matters such as Land Registry searches and local council searches, as well as any property specific information, such as surveys in the case of older properties. Whilst a fixed fee conveyancing quote is a good starting point, there are wider considerations to be had when determining which property professional to choose.

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By using a comparison website, the fixed fee conveyancing quote is provided alongside other relevant information, such as likely disbursement costs and any other information which may be particularly relevant to the transaction, such as reviews of performance. Where timing is critical, it may be prudent to select a more expensive property professional who can guarantee a certain turnaround period, whereas when time is not of the essence, a cheaper quote may suffice.

Regardless of the underlying reason for the conveyancing quote which is being obtained, the important thing is to compare all aspects of the quote and not simply to look at the fixed fee element. Some firms will charge for photocopying and expenses related to your search; others will not. By using our cost comparison website, these types of costs can be accounted for and all information presented in a way that allows you to make the best possible decision, which may or may not be accompanied with the lowest headline conveyancing quote.

Finally, when a conveyancing quote is obtained, it is unlikely to be open indefinitely and any deadlines for taking up the conveyancing quote should be noted, to make sure that you do not miss out on that special offer, if it is the most suitable offer to meet your conveyancing needs.

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