Tips on Conveyancing: Legal transfer of property

May 21, 2010

Are you planning to sell or transfer your property to another person? If so, then you have to be equipped with the necessary documents to avoid delay and problems during the conveyance. Conveyancing is the term used to define the legal transfer of one property to another person.

When planning to move out, papers have to be ready at all times. You may want to seek help from conveyancing solicitors to arrange the move or transfer of the property title. These solicitors can assist you in arranging the contract between the seller and the buyer of the property.

There is no such thing as free lunch nowadays. So expect that you will have to pay for the conveyancing fees to the solicitor. The pay is worth it as you don’t have to do anything at all; you just need to prepare simple things that they would need to process the transfer for you.

Requirements for the conveyancing

The seller’s information will be needed. Even the title of the one selling the property will be used. The current address and other contact details of the seller will also be required. If there more than one owner of the property, only one should be identified as the contact person in order to not confuse information. This ways the conveyancing will be faster and accurate.

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The buyer’s personal information will also be needed during the transfer of property. Just like the information of the seller that is required, the buyer’s name, address and other contact details will be needed.

The address of the property that is being sold is necessary since it is the property that you are trying to negotiate with the seller and the buyer.

The seller and the buyer have to agree on the final price of the property and it should be stated on the contract. Both the seller and the buyer have to be aware of the price, otherwise it will not be a valid agreement. The price should be written in words on the contract.

If the property being sold or transferred has appliances and furniture on it, then it has to be included in the documentation and these inclusions are part of pricing the property.

These are just the basic things that you would need when you are planning to move or transfer titles. Have all these things prepared when transferring property titles.

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