The Difficulties of Being a First-Time Buyer

March 5, 2012

If you are buying a house, you will probably already be aware that it is far from a simple process and that without the support of experienced local conveyancing solicitors, you will likely struggle. A lot of first-time buyers, often the younger generation, are beginning to use online conveyancing solicitors as opposed to going to their local conveyancing solicitors for advice. This may be the convenience of being able to google conveyancing solicitors and see your prices and information in front of you, or it may be that they think local conveyancing solicitors are likely to be much more expensive – but it’s not always advisable.

As a first time buyer you will likely have to deal with a wide variety of new terms and phrases that you have never heard before and whilst the internet can also help with that, with local conveyancing solicitors it’s as simple as picking up a phone and asking them. The cost-conscious amongst you may worry that this may again end up costing you money, but if you are looking to use local conveyancing solicitors you will find that the majority will not charge on an hourly basis but rather give you a one-off fee. So you can ask as many questions as you want without paying a penny extra! Online conveyancing solicitors will likely have the same sort of thing with a helpline, but the likelihood of the person answering the phone being the actual conveyancing solicitors dealing with your individual case is unlikely.

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Local conveyancing solicitors and online conveyancing solicitors both have their own advantages. But with the difficulties and the learning curve you will experience when buying your first property, the piece of mind and personal touch of having your local conveyancing solicitors handling your case so that you can pop in whenever you wish, adds a lot of value with a little extra cost. Online conveyancing solicitors may (and this is not always the case) be slightly cheaper, but local conveyancing solicitors will quickly prove their worth.

Conveyancing solicitors are not the only thing a first-time buyer will need to consider, but they can take a lot of the hassle out of buying a property. You will need to consider if you are eligible for a mortgage and then think about the actual property you want to buy, but the difficult comes when you have made this decision. Making your offer in writing, arranging the contracts, checking over the contracts of the seller, assessing the stability of the property, submitting documents to the land registry – all things that need to be considered. This is where conveyancing solicitors come in again, they will take care of the vast majority of these things and allow you to focus on actually moving house. Conveyancing solicitors will liaise with the seller and deal with the paperwork so that, if you’ve chosen good conveyancing solicitors, all you need to do is keep in touch with them to see how the deal is progressing. Your conveyancing solicitors will then ensure that the transaction is completed smoothly and just let you know when they need certain things from you i.e. to sign the contracts, transfer the money etc.

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