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May 27, 2012

What do you think is the role of the commercial property solicitor?

If a lawyer is specializing in the commercial property, the main work for him mostly is of purchase, sale and lease of a property which includes the shops for lease which are useful as a commercial premises. It can include the industrial units, offices, units of production and retail facilities. The main role of the commercial property solicitor is to examine various legal issues which is surrounding such type of real estates. And especially the property solicitors are mainly focussing on the matters such as the rent, deeds, property licenses and rules of the land registration.

What are the attributes which the commercial property solicitors are having?

Due to a nature of a legal work, the solicitors of the commercial real estates of London should be capable of coping under the pressure and in also meeting the demanding deadlines. The solicitors of the commercial real estate must be aware commercially and also be able in handling data of large volumes quickly which may require a strong analytical skill. The solicitors prefer to work in teams and this means that they essentially require good interpersonal skills as well as a good communication. It can also happen that a customer may need more help in the legal services than what was initially anticipated which makes flexibility an important element.

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Requirements needed for becoming commercial property solicitor?

Usually the candidates are expected to have been attained Honours degree at the level of 2:1 maybe above. Candidates with HND or the Foundation degree can only be not taken into the consideration for entering directly into the profession. But those candidates can enter directly into a training program by the other routes which may include by qualifying firstly as the Legal Executive. Still admissions are open for all the graduates coming from all disciplines. The candidates who are not having a degree in law will have to undertake for a year a conversion course which is commonly known as CPE or Common Professional examination. or the GDL known as the Graduate Diploma in the Law. It is a disadvantage for any candidate in having a degree of another discipline to law. But still many companies are appreciating the knowledge and the vast experience which comes in a candidate through many different choices of life.

When a candidate has taken GDL/CPE, BA or any law degree, it is necessary for a candidate to take LPC also commonly known as Legal Practice Course which is of one year. This course has to be undergone before you start a training contract which is of 2 years in a law firm. If you are a candidate of a college or university then you should approach to many conveyancing companies as you can for achieving placements in academic holidays.

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