Buying Property Abroad

March 23, 2012

Buying a property abroad can be a difficult and often time-consuming process, but with helpful conveyancing solicitors you can rest assured that you will be able to choose your property and leave the hassle and lost-in-translation issues to your conveyancing solicitors. In fact the benefits of good conveyancing solicitors has helped, the number of UK residents who have purchased property abroad grow exponentially over the past 15 years. Using conveyancing solicitors and indeed the process as a whole used to be an incredibly costly and difficult experience, but with online conveyancing solicitors as well as more and more English speaking conveyancing solicitors based in expat hotspots, the cost of moving abroad is lower than ever.

Some put this down to the falling prices of international travel particularly with in Europe, whereas some suggest that actually it is more down to the unprecedented rises in the property values in the UK compared to other countries. Despite the falling costs of purchasing a house including services of conveyancing solicitors, the economic crisis has put a halt to the seemingly relentless rise in property values in this country but properties remain two or three times the price of their European equivalents.

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With over a million British (or former British) citizens now owning property in Spain alone and equally substantial numbers spread across other southern Europe nations such as Italy, France and Portugal as well as further afield such as the United States, Canada, China and Australia – the number of expats grows annually. Whilst this may be the dream for many, the low costs of buying a home abroad is making it very much a reality. The cost of conveyancing solicitors in the UK may be lowering thanks to the growth of online conveyancing solicitors, their european counterparts can remain quite expensive with conveyancing solicitors particularly in Europe charging a lot more for foreign clients.

The work involved for conveyancing solicitors preparing a house purchase for foreign residents can be slightly more than locals, but by choosing the right conveyancing solicitors you can ensure you not only get a good deal but also a good service. This incredible migration trend from the UK to warmer climates has made it easier, with many conveyancing solicitors now catering specifically for English speaking clients. In fact, in most southern European countries you will find that there will be conveyancing solicitors that are expats themselves and will work solely with other Brits and leave the local work to local conveyancing solicitors.

Whether you are buying a new build property or an established one, ensuring you appoint reputable, local conveyancing solicitors is essential to ensuring a smooth transaction. It’s difficult buying a house in this country, but factor in the difference in procedures, laws and of course the language barrier and you will see why few people dare to try and purchase property abroad without the assistance of a experienced conveyancing solicitors.

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