Online Conveyancing Services Vs Conventional Conveyancing Services

January 9, 2010

Real estate field is booming and more and more people, especially middle class people, are investing their hard earned money in property or land for a smooth retirement. However, before investing, one should be well acquainted with the legal processes involved in the transfer of ownership of a property or land. Conveyancing is a legal procedure that involves transfer of an ownership from one party to another in case of selling, buying or re-mortgaging of a property or land.

For this procedure, it is in your best interest to hire a conveyancing solicitor. They are experts in providing legal services and representation for refinancing, selling or buying a property.

The benefit of using conveyancing solicitors, according to my past experience, is that they are expert at negotiating, as their profession demands them to be, and can negotiate with other parties to get you the best and cheapest conveyancing quote available. A good solicitor will not only help you save on money but also on time as they speed up the legal process and final transaction.

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I personally suggest you to hire an online conveyancing service provider. The reason for this advice is that firstly, you can get best online conveyancing quotes that are way more affordable than the traditional service providers. Secondly, online services eliminate the need of your physical presence in meetings with your solicitor.

However, there are certain factors to keep in mind and certain things to take care of while choosing a solicitor online:

  • Most important is to choose the right firm. I will suggest you to go for reputed names anytime. Make sure the firm is listed.
  • Evaluate the way the firm processes your case. A good firm will first provide you an affordable conveyancing quote and then they will let you track down the process of your transaction through phone calls, emails or SMSs.
  • Compare their quotes with other competitors.
  • Make sure they make a commitment by sending a client care letter.

Online conveyancing has become popular option over time. It’s convenient, time efficient, and affordable than conventional conveyancing methods.

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